Car Air Conditioning in Sunbury


Your car’s air conditioning system cools, purifies, refresh and circulates air inside your vehicle to create a comfortable environment and prevent driver’s stress.

The air conditioning system operates in a continuous cycle, sending refrigerant through a sealed system to eliminate hot air from the cabin compartment. When this system leaks its refrigerant the gas becomes low thus causes your car air conditioner not to cool as efficient as it did, this is when you bring it to the specialist to find your problem and fix it correctly without the guess work.

These systems need to be checked for leaks, malfunctions and recharged with manufacture standard refrigerant to maintain optimum performance. Vehicle air conditioning systems must be service in a period of 2-­3 years to maintain optimum efficiency.

Effective air conditioning, used even in the winter, gently reduces in­car condensation and driver’s fatigue. Also when it rains and the windscreen fogs up you turn the air conditioning on to defog the glass so you can confidently drive without any distractions.

W & S Auto Repairs are a Specialist repair facility on all makes of vehicles dedicated to providing the best Car Air Conditioning repairs in Sunbury & Surrounding areas at a competitive price.

When it comes to Car Air Conditioning Service and Repairs we guarantee to find the problem and get it fixed as we are the Specialist Technicians in this field of work in Sunbury.

– Re gas your vehicle with R134A refrigerant, fluoro dye and oil
– Specialist in Leak testing all components
– Compressors, condenser and filter replacements
– Stop bad odours from your air conditioner vents system
– Diagnose and repair all air conditioning problems
– Check pressures in your A/C system and advise your problem
– Check temperatures on vents
– Check climate control operations and vents direction system

Car Air Conditioning in Sunbury